Everyday lies

There is hidden lies everywhere I turn around.

In my childhood,I was told luxury meant staying in a metropolitan city, staying in a high rise apartment, working in one of those skyscrappers, and earning a 6 figure income. In fact I was delusional to not to understand the lies beneath those statements.

Today I find luxury in the clean air I breath and the water I drink when I step to my countryside home. Whereas, in the city the luxury has been redefined as having organic mangoes.

Is this all part of the change that’s happening around me or am I way too dramatic to accept the changing world.

May be the world isn’t changing, but the perceptions.


A nervous breakdown

You know, how many ever times you boast about the job or the life you have in a metropolitan city, the moment you leave your home after a short vaccation, you’ll experience a nervous breakdown.

I am right now experiencing it. Though there is a career calling me out in the garden city of India, I can hardly get myself out of my home. It’s hard to leave the house where you spent your childhood and teenage years. The tears in the corner of my mother’s eyes and her crimson nose is asking me to stay back, but sometimes those tears ask me to pursue my dream job and life.

It’s a nervous breakdown. When you don’t want to let go off things, but lack the courage to make a move, you experience a breakdown. When you see the teardrop rolling down from your loved one’s eyes, but unable to do anything to stop it, a sudden realisation hit right at the middle of your heart, how much helpless you are in this world, at least to your loved ones, there you experience a nervous breakdown.