That strange feeling

Sometimes, regrets haunt me inside out. There are moments when I just made a step back, unwilling to get out of my comfort zone, and travel the road less travelled and definitely that road I never travelled before. I get laid back and relax in the loop of comfortness. Endurance is the best way to push our boundaries an inch by inch. 

You can do any of the two things, either beat the beast that encroaches you or join the league of beasts. And right now I’m in a dilemma. It is hard to rise up against the odds, but considering the reward, I chose to find my way out. Will I be able to cross the roads and hurdles that try to stir up my spirit and change it into an ugly muddy chaotic spirit. I don’t know. Or may be I know exactly what I want and I don’t acknowledge it because I don’t find the silver ray in my horizonal visibility. 

Life gets screwed up. Sometimes there are things we once consider valuable die within us, and then become garbage. If the garbage is not properly treated it can ruin the entire house. It gets stinky and turn the house to be uninhabitable. So what needs to be done? Just bury the dead deep inside and never try to dig it back.  

Forgiveness is an art, an art that can be mastered over years. Forgiving others is a deed of kindness, but to forgive oneself needs courage and above all need self-control. 


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