Irreversible Regrets

Her little fingers abused the volume + button of the stereo set, annoying everyone who never liked the Pop music and Uncle Job shouting at her to reduce the volume. Serena has just entered into her teenage years and like any other teenage girl she too is going through all the spontaneity of a withered spirit, that craving to break the rules and find pleasure in taking challenges which are merely impossible to achieve. Uncle Job was an accomplice of her naivety, in others words Serena is a target of Uncle Job’s crudity. A rudimentary elder and a perplexed  teenager could make the worst relationship and they were successful in proving the earlier statement. Uncle job found pleasure in dumping his primal principles to a 21st century born Serena, only to get fired up with her imprudent replies.
Uncle Job stayed single his entire life. But that never made him lonely, he was content in who he was and was been talkative to whoever comes by in their neighborhood. He was a living database, full of information about people. Sometimes Serena used to think government could approach him for getting the census for their town.There is this one particular character about him that has to be mentioned predominantly, that is he is a soliloquist. Whereas Serena is a seventh grader, who wandered in her own world. She never let anyone wander in hers is a specialty about her.
Serena’s dad always struggled to make a balance between his elder brother and his daughter. He has been in such dilemma that, he could not disrespect his brother at the same time cannot hurt his only daughter. Later, he learned one thing that he should never get in between them, he decided to let them to be on their own way. Let them fight till they die, but he never wanted to bring a scratch on his relationship with either his brother or daughter and that was the best decision he has ever taken, so that let his blood relations  get burned up in the tension of fire which they themselves blew up and die. Sometimes being a mute spectator is worth a million times than being a helpless intruder. Serena’s dad left her with Job and made his way to town. In the night fall, when she was deafened by the silence, she realized how much he wanted Uncle Job’s company until her dad gets back home. Keeping her perverseness aside she knocked at Uncle Job’s room, to ask if he has had his dinner. If not at least he would be able to accompany her. The little gestures paved way to long conversation where they both talked nearly for 2 hours until Larry returned. Serena hit the sack then and there when she saw her dad. As the dawn breaks she became a new creature. The small talk with her uncle Job has melted that anger towards him, uncle Job too felt like Serena was his unborn daughter. They built up little compassion for each other, but that affection did not last long, when Uncle Job scolded her mom. After all who could bear if somebody scolds their mom for no reason and that one incident made Serena move away double the distance she became close to her Uncle on that night.  Though her mom persuaded Serena from making a havoc against her Uncle, a teenage heart is something which has to be handled with care. Serena felt more disturbed when her mom told that her uncle used to be a schizophreniac earlier. Now that both of them has to be handled  with care.
May be that distance has hurt both of them equally, they never tried to solve it out. The next day Uncle job has a high fever and he was in pain,he screamed out of pain, but that never opened Serena’s ears, neither her hardened heart. Her parents had gone out of city. Later in the night when they returned Serena ignored to mention about Uncle Job’s condition to her parents. Larry gave Job paracetamol and promised to take him to the hospital next day.
Before she left to school, Serena checked with her dad if he has made an appointment with the doctor for Uncle Job. In the afternoon, she was called to the Principal’s office, being the class leader she wasn’t worried about this call. But there in the office was her cousin. There was a deep silence, there wasn’t any words needed to convey the message.
She left the school along with her cousin, there were voices in her head, calling her guilty. On her way to home, the radio played How to save a life by the Fray, “Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend, Somewhere along in the bitterness”. The bitterness in her heart has now turned to be numbness. She entered her home only to see Uncle Job lying on his bed covered in the white sheets. For a second she thought if she would have told her parents about his health condition the previous night, they would have taken to the hospital the night before and could have saved his life. She desperately wanted the earth to rotate  few hours in reverse. She made a wreck out of her mind, cursed that moment when she increased the volume of stereo and ignored to Uncle Job’s cry. She went closer to her uncle and hot droplets of tears fell on his feet. A silent apology.

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