Bangalore – The Garden City of India

collage-2017-05-28Bangalore aka Bengaluru! What an amazing city! This is the place where coolness and hotness coalesce. A city of vibrant crowd, rustic and cosmopolitan at the same time. This is where Pastas and Dosas go hand in hand. When I first moved to this place, I was judgmental about the culture I would experience here, the traffic and the chaos, the carefree life.

After staying in this place for six months I can now confidently say, I was completely wrong. This city breathe and feed on its own culture. Though there are influences, she is true to herself. It didn’t take much long for me to realize that more than any other festivals, life is celebrated here. What more do you want?  A place where you can perceive all the flavors of life.  Isn’t that what really matters?

Image Credits: Google Images



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