The Mystery Box


 Widened her eyes to see that perky basket sitting on her bedroom’s floor. What’s that little basket hoping up and down near her teal colored foot rest.” Mom, mom”, she exploded out with that twitchy sound she had in the cold winter mornings.

 Mom was  sure that her 10 year old daughter is so afraid of all those wall climbing insects especially spiders. Showing her spiderman didn’t build any confidence her. This girl is still afraid of spider, what will I do it take away her fear?, she thought.

“Mom, can you please come up here, I promise this time it’s not a spider, but something else”. That has hit mom’s hears. She climbed upstairs leaving out the eggs on the stove to let it burn. The tapping on the floor has worsened now. ‘This is crazy, mom some ET has visited us last night, she said with her quirky voice” said the girl. “Thats what I wonder, if the whole fictional stories that I have read and seen have now come into a reality”, added her mom.

Mom took Amanda’s tennis bat that was lying next to her wardrobe and carefully removed the lid of the basket, she was getting back into her childishness, that fear, amusement, all paradigms her 10 year old Amanda has.

Amanda and her mom held each other close so even the death do us apart may not prevail.

Turning down all spookiness, there came out a tiny little puppy. The golden fur that covered its body reveals that, it could be a golden retriever.

All the fears and worries have now turned into a moment of joy and cheers.

Amanda took the pup and started playing with it. But her mom’s investigation senses now have taken up the light. She searched the basket to find the letter that shook her from head to toe.

Dear Amanda,

Here is the pup which I promised you. Take good care of it. Be a good girl and don’t make any trouble to mom.

Hope to see you soon.



These words have melted her heart. Amanda was raised by her mother alone. She never had any support from her dad. But now breaking all ice her mom has found that she is talking to her dad regularly. Wasn’t she a perfect mom? She wondered, but then she thought of her relationship with her dad. If she can have a good relationship with her dad, why would she abstain her kid from having that affection with her dad.

She threw a kind gaze at her daughter and her new friend.


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