Break through depression

Recently I went through depression. Everybody pass through this phase, some may be strong enough to overcome it overnight, others may not. Some may express what’s happening inside them to the outside world, others may not be good at it.

When I went through that phase, doing following helped me to boost my spirit.

1.Take a walk in the outdoor.

There is so much in the fresh air and the greenery around you. When the swift breeze caress you, don’t hesitate to believe that the whole universe is there with you, to comfort you and listen to your hearbeat. They can understand what’s happening with you. The small gesture of nature can bring a smile on your face. Just be in the moment and don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

2. Write all the blessings that you have in your life.

I started with my parents. For you, it may be your friend or pet or your job or there will be something in your life that you can treasure.  If you think that you don’t have any of those blessings, atleast you have a good wifi or a mobile phone through which you can read this post. I know sometimes even these blessings cannot help you overcome your depression, but there is nothing wrong in trying.

3. Think about your best memories.

When the depression struck me, I tried to think about the time I spent with my pet or the time I walked on the beach. If you don’t have such memories, atleast make one by imaging your self walking on the beach, this can trigger a good mood in you.

4. Have a cup of coffee or tea.

Depending upon you favorite hot beverage, take tea or coffee. The caffeine contained in the coffee and tea can provide better vibes.

5. Hug your loved ones.

Though this may sound silly. I have personally experienced how relaxing it is when you just hug your loved ones. While hugging, your mind knows that there is someone it can share its burden with, and this ease out the strain or pain you are undergoing

6. Read a story book.

The reason why I specifically said a story book is a story can trigger your imagination. If the creative side of your brain is invoked, then it can uplift your mood and you can feel relaxed.

7. Take a cold shower.

There were times when I couldn’t handle the pressure and simply walked in the cold shower to feel better. As you stand under the shower, all your pain, frustration and the burden all gets washed away.

8. Wear a good perfume.

Good smell can provide a good energy. That’s the reason why in the spa aroma candles are used.

9. Cook a meal

This is a therapy I give to myself to feel better. Having a healthy meal not only feeds your body but also your soul.

10. Watch your favorite comedy movie or listen to your favorite band.

Nothing can beat good music. Laughing can relax your mind in a way you cannot even imagine.

11. Pray or meditate

Actually this has to be the first tip, since this is the most important one I left it for the last. If you have noticed, all the points which I mentioned earlier are related to invoking your five senses. Those are all like  having a pain killer, only to kill the pain without treating the root cause. Only prayer can heal your soul. Meditate on your favorite verses. There are thousands of blessings in the Bible. Keep saying them. When your ears hear them, they trigger a belief in your mind which help to ultimately overcome the fear that you have in you.

Most of the times people fall into depression, when something has happened beyond their hope and expectations. You have to let it go. Clear your head from the bad memories, know that there are people out there who are going through worst than you, but still facing it with courage and braveness. Don’t be a coward, be strong. You can do it.


2 thoughts on “Break through depression”

  1. Ah, simple and to the point. Interesting how we can hear or read same advice or suggestions, whether by family, friends or Google finds, but it is one voice amid all the others that pulls us to finally listen. Maybe it is because your voice comes thru to me as such a loving whisper. It is not in the volume that gives one the ability to be heard, yes? Thank you so much.

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